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December 3, 2013
By: Eric Cohen - Macaroni Dad
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Toy makers are a bit like mad scientists..."what if we combine this and that? Bwhahhaaa" (evil laugh). This year's toy roundup has toys that combine two things or beg the question..."what if?"

Take the "ground-breaking Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets line, that combines high-style, world travel and hair play...with pet mania! Pinkie Cooper and her talented pals met as students at a fashion design school and instantly became jet setting BFFs." Seriously, I don't know what any of this means, but my daughter loves fashion and pets, so combining them makes perfect sense.

And speaking of pets, there's Disney Princess Palace Pets! Like the Disney Princess characters, the Palace Pets are loyal and loving, with unique personalities all of their own. Girls can get to know the Palace Pets through new books and digital content, and they can collect, nurture and pamper them with the extensive new toy line including figures, plush, play sets and more. The line includes "Pumpkin," Cinderellas 'puppy; Berry, Snow White's bunny; Treasure, Ariel's kitty and more. You can just imagine the designers coming up with the pets for each princess.

Fruitominoes® from Bananagrams, Inc. takes the classic game played by generations of families and puts our fresh, fruity twist on it! Deliciously colorful images of fruit serve as the "dots" on beautifully crafted dominoes. Fruitominoes® comes in a compact travel pouch so you can take it with you anywhere! Connect the dots & connect your family with Fruitominoes®! Who knew you could have so much fun combining dominoes and fruit!

I didn't have to come up with the wording for our next gift..."Little Passports combine the surprise of postal mail with the sophistication of online media. Each month our characters travel the globe on their magic scooter and share their experiences with your child." Little Passports is a subscription based gift, and each month your child will get a personalized package in the mail with activities and games based on various countries and cultures.

Kiwi Crate is a monthly delivery for kids to get hands-on with art, science, crafts, imaginative play and more! They combine crafts, art, science and more into their monthly gift boxes. You can also buy boxes as one time gifts.

And if you get either of the prior two gifts, then you should get a MessMatz, the original art mat for any craft or project. No more messes on the table, counter or floor. No more dried glue, paint or glitter in every crack and crevice-just the ability to create and get messy. MessMatz is 100% silicone rubber which is certified food-safe and non-toxic with a perimeter lip for containing any mess or spill. The mat is easy to clean with soap and water and rolls up for quick storage. They combined crafts and easy clean-up...brilliant.

Skylanders Swap-Force was definitely created by a mad scientist. Who else would say "Let's create game characters you can break in half and combine with each other?" Skylanders is the video game with the collectible action figures. This latest iteration adds new abilities such as flying, climbing, digging, jumping, teleporting and more! If your kids have an earlier version of Skylanders, they are going to want this one.

Samples of the above toys and other consideration have been provided for this coverage. The opinions here are strictly those of the author.


1) marc d said:
Any extra samples of the skylanders swap-force?. My nephew would love those!!!.
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