Leaping into Fall with Your Tot


October 6, 2015
Crisp autumn air brings pumpkin season, mom’s famous apple pie and loads of fun for you and your tot. Here are some unexpected fall activities:
  • Picture Perfect – With colorful leaves as your backdrop and beautiful fall lighting, autumn is the ideal setting for a family photo shoot. Whether it’s snapping shots while your toddler jumps in the leaves in your backyard or hiring a professional photographer, you’ll capture memories to cherish forever.
  • Let Imagination Run Wild – That’s right! Because fall is all about being cozy, spark your toddler’s imagination by inviting them to build a fort out of comforters, sheets, chairs and sofa cushions! Then, climb inside and snuggle up with your favorite books like “Sip, Sip, Hooray” and embark on adventures without leaving your home!
  • Fall Cleaning – You may have heard of spring cleaning but why not make fall cleaning a thing too? Because toddlers outgrow clothes and toys so quickly, tag team with your tot to donate or yard sale these items in preparation for the goodies they’ll receive during the holidays!
  • Tea Time – If you’re in charge of play group this week, invite the other parents over too! While the grownups enjoy spiced cider or chai tea lattes, little ones can have water, juice and milk. Afraid of spills? No matter what stage your tot is in the journey to drinking from a grown up cup, Philips Avent has a range of colorful and mess-proof toddler cups for them to enjoy!

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