Easy Ways For Your Family to Help Others This Holiday Season

By Alison Wenger November 7, 2017

The holidays are coming, and with the recent devastation to millions of families from hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and other disasters, now is a time when many of us are wondering how we can help.

This month, we are highlighting the nonprofit Family-to-Family. Established in 2003 by Pam Koner, founder and executive director, Family-to-Family is dedicated to providing monthly groceries, children’s books, and other basic life necessities to American families struggling with the challenges of poverty.

When I was learning about their programs, I love that they have different options for getting involved whether you want to contribute in a big way or small way, across the country, or close to home. Every project also offers a way that your Mini Macaronis can be involved, and what a fantastic lesson to better help our kids understand empathy and kindness.

While this time of year has a large focus around holiday giving, including how you can help in your local community, hunger is a need that never ends, so your help is needed all year long.

One-to-one Sponsorships

Sponsor a Family is their flagship program which has provided more than 5 million meals to families since 2003. Variations of Sponsor a Family include a program designated for refugees, and most recently Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria families. Through these and other family programs, sponsor families are linked with specific families in need. With a monthly donation of between $18 and $55, you can supply a family with a week’s worth of grocery items. You can also get your kids involved by inviting them to send pictures or letters to the recipient family.

Have a love of reading? Take a look at their One Book at a Time program, where your family commits to sending a child a new book and a letter every month for 12 months. I love this idea for inviting your own kids to share some of their favorite books with children in need.

Hands-on Giving Projects

If you love making a more personal donation, then consider a hands-on giving project. These are not only a terrific option for families, but also classrooms, church groups, student clubs, and employers. Choose from Birthday in a Box, Birthday Giving Parties, Stuff a Shirt for the Homeless, or Stuff a Holiday Stocking, among others.

Explore all of the ways your family can help a family in need and give the greatest gift of all this season. Visit for more information.