10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Haven’t Thought Of

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By Lindsay Flagan June 5, 2018

Winter is finally over and Spring is here!  Before the kids are home for the summer (and the summer heat kicks in) I love to spring clean (ok love may be a strong word there… but let’s face it mamas – it needs to be done).  Most people think of spring cleaning as switching out the winter clothes for the summer clothes and bringing out the lawn furniture, but there are tons of other areas of the house that should be tended to annually and spring cleaning is the perfect time!  

Here are 10 tips for sprucing up your house or apartment this spring:

  1.  Switch out the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and make sure they are working properly.
  2. Clean your washing machine!  Ever notice a strange odor coming from the appliance that is supposed to clean your clothes?  This is from build up on the surface of your washing machine over time.  I love to use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner every few months to freshen up my machine.
  3. Clean your wall with either a broom or slightly wet rag, you will be shocked at how much dust and grime can accumulate on your walls!
  4. Do a safety check around your home and be sure that all chemicals – including laundry pacs are up and away from a child’s reach and in a secure container -I like using Tide PODS with the Child-Guard Tub or Child-Guard Zipper.
  5. Head outside and clean any leaves or debris from your gutters.
  6. Clean linens (or for that matter spring baseball pants) with new Tide Ultra OXI Laundry Detergent.  I mention baseball pants only because there have been several times that my son has come home from a game and I was certain his pants would never be clean again, but just one wash with Tide Ultra OXI Laundry Detergent and they were as good as new!
  7. Take removable cushions from chairs outside and gently bang on them to remove trapped dust and dander.
  8. Wipe wooden blinds with a damp cloth.
  9. Dust books on your bookshelves.
  10. Defrost your freezer and give it a good clean – it’s time to get that frozen corn out from behind the ice maker!

I hope these tips help to give you a good idea of some areas in your home that may not get tended to in your normal weekly cleanings.  And – have fun with spring cleaning!  You don’t have to do it all in one day.  I love to set an hour timer, turn on some fun music nice and loud and just knock out a little at a time each day. And as a reminder, keep in mind that while you’re emptying out closets and drawers to be mindful of where you’re placing small objects and storing cleaning supplies – always be sure to keep child safety in mind!

I am a member of the P&G Fabric Card Advisory Board.  All opinions are my own.