Back to School Shoe Shopping Has Never Been So Easy

By Jennifer Schorr August 7, 2018

When my kids first started school, back to school shopping was easy. We needed a backpack and a new pair of school shoes. Just one pair of sneakers sufficed because they were all-encompassing. The same pair of sneakers was used for running around outside and going to school. Nothing special was needed because they had recess every day, so every day was play day. 

Once my kids hit middle school, that came to a halt. Different shoes are needed for each different activity. Sneakers for gym class, more fashionable shoes for pairing with nicer clothes, specific sneakers for cross country, and hiking boots for Scouts. 

I first visited the Merrell website for hiking boots for my youngest son. He is getting more active in Cub Scouts, which means more hiking and camping. I need sturdy boots for him that are still comfortable, and we were able to find a pair he liked that are also waterproof. Perfect!

My daughter is the biggest shoe lover of our family, and I think if I allowed her to have a pair of shoes to match each outfit, she would have no complaints. So this is where we needed something more fashionable and visited the Sperry website. We found a pair of shoes that were both fashionable and versatile. In a beige color, she was happy to find a pair that would match just about anything.

Finally, my teenage son needed new shoes for cross country. This has been difficult in the past, since he is pretty particular when it comes to his running shoes. With his narrow feet, he needs not only proper cushioning to absorb shock while running, but also needs shoes that will fit properly to avoid the sneakers coming off at the back of his heels, preventing blisters. We had visited a local running store in the past, and so he already knew that Saucony sneakers were the perfect option for him. We headed to their website and he chose a running shoe in the style and colors he liked best.

I was never even hesitant about ordering shoes online because each of these sites offers sizing charts you can print out to measure everyone’s feet at home. Just follow the easy instructions, and you will be sure to order the size you need.

When all the shoes arrived, my kids were happy to get the shoes they had each picked out, and I was happy that we were one step closer to completing our back-to-school shopping (and it was so easy!). 

*I was provided compensation for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own.