Let's Get Organized: How Should I Store All These Face Masks Anyway?

Masks on the kitchen counter? Hanging from the chair? Forgotten in backpacks? Here's how to organize

By Jenny Dietsch, owner of Getting It Done Organizing November 2, 2020

As a mom of three, I get it. Masks are a part of our new normal. We can’t leave home without one. If yours are strewn everywhere in your house and yet no one can find one when it's time to get out the door, you need to keep reading, because I have five ways for your family to store and organize masks.

5 Ways to Organize and Store Masks

1. Keep your system simple

The simpler your system is, the more likely it is to work! My family does NOT separate masks by person. We keep all clean masks together in one place and after they are worn, they get thrown into the general laundry.

2. Start by the door

Keep masks at the door that is used most often by your family. That's the best way to make sure they won’t be forgotten. You can use hooks labeled with each person’s name, or set up a few baskets with all of your clean masks separated by person, if you prefer. You can also keep separate baskets for cloth masks and paper ones -- keeping a few single-use paper masks on hand is perfect for guests, workers, or anyone else who stops by your home and finds themselves unprepared.

3. Label, label, label!

We live and die by labels in our house! Label the container holding masks by type: reusable and single-use. Separating by person? Label that basket, jar, or hook for each family member. You can even label individual masks by using a sharpie to write a name on the inside or with iron-on labels.

4. Which containers to use?

Your container choice is completely up to you! We use baskets at our house, but you can choose whatever works best in your home. Some of our favorites options are baskets, wide-mouth jars, or even a drawer with dividers.

5. Prepare for the week ahead

With so much uncertainty about day-to-day schedules right now, it is important to be prepared for anything. Each of my children has a small zipper pouch to hold masks in their school bags. They fill them each week with five or more masks. I like them to have extra in case they let a friend borrow one or a mask breaks. I also keep a zipper bag of paper masks in my center car console for those inevitable days when someone forgets their mask, including me. 

Masks are such an integral part of our daily lives today. We need to be prepared and organized to keep our families safe and healthy. Our system to organize masks has really helped my family with this transition into our new normal. 

We would love to see pictures of what mask organization system is working for your family. Post your pics on Instagram and tag @gettingtidoneorganizing and @macaronikid! 

Jenny Dietsch, the owner of Getting it Done Organizing, is a Certified Professional Organizer who believes order and beauty in the home bring peace and contentment. She and her team are committed to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing systems for their clients and their families. Follow her on social media for daily inspiration: 


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