Finding the Perfect Non-Toy Gift this Holiday Season

November 30, 2020

Has any mom ever really answered the “What do your kids want for (insert holiday here)?” with “Gee, my kids REALLY need more toys!” 

Many parents look for alternative gifts to give that mean less stuff to clean up — there are only so many legos a mom can stand to step on and miniature doll parts to find in couch cushions! Finding something that doesn’t involve video games, that is educational (without the kids realizing it), and of course a "wow" when opened, is like finding the unicorn of all gifts.

What if there was one gift that could outlast all the others and continue to add value to a child’s life? Give the gift of music! Music lessons and instruments (or both) are those unicorn gifts that, when opened, get the wide-eyed wow reaction that every parent hopes for.  

Why give the gift of music lessons? 

  1. Giving an experience will create memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. Music is a fantastic creative outlet, builds confidence, and is proven to make kids smarter.
  3. Lessons with a professional instructor offer a great one-on-one social interaction that many kids are missing during these days of hybrid classrooms and distance learning. 

Where does a busy parent go to find the perfect teacher and get all their questions answered on what instrument to pick? Music & Arts is the nation's #1 provider of private music instruction, offering lessons in over 250 stores nationwide as well as online. Lesson specialists will help parents hand-pick the perfect instructor and put together an instrument package custom fit to each child's unique needs. Plus, Music & Arts is offering unbelievable deals on lessons now through December 24, 2020: 

  • Buy 3 lessons and get a 4th free*
  • Buy an instrument of $299+ and get 2 free lessons**
  • Buy an instrument of $499+ and get 4 free lessons**

What child doesn’t occasionally play air guitar, sing Hamilton in while hiding in the bathroom (who can beat those acoustics?), or bang on the kitchen table like a professional drummer? Help them hone those natural abilities and give the gift of music from Music & Arts. 

Visit for more information, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!