5 Ideas for Unique Backyard Parties, Plus FREE Taste Test Printables!

Make that backyard get-together one to remember this summer

By Kara Murphy July 16, 2021

Now that we are feeling more comfortable gathering with friends and family again  — and not over a computer, thankfully! — we have just one question: What should we do?

If, like us, you're looking for ways to make your summer backyard get-together memorable, here are five ideas for inexpensive at-home fun:

1. Invite the kids to take part in a taste test

We've got FREE printables for you! Simply buy a few foods — we like doing this with fruit our kids aren't familiar with — and blindfold the kids to let them try each one. You can also do this with different juices — kids can try different juices, guess which ones they're tasting and then rank them! This is a fun way to get kids to try new foods and to get everyone laughing! Adults want to taste test too? Adults can partake in their own grown-up version of the fun with this printable!

Click here to get your FREE printables right now!

2. Make ice cream in a bag

Sure, anyone can buy ice cream ... but give kids the ingredients and let them make it themselves? They'll remember that!

All you need is ice, milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt. Oh, and don't forget the sprinkles! Get the full tutorial here.

Gpoint Studio via Canva

3. Host a chalk art competition

Compete for prizes or just create and have fun! Everyone can do chalk art, no matter their artistic talent. Set a theme, give your contestants a time limit, and let them CREATE! This is especially fun if having a neighborhood party where you can close off the road and give each family, team, or contestant a lot of space to work in! 

 alinademidenkophotos via Canva 

4. Blow them away with giant bubbles

What's more fun than bubbles? GIANT bubbles! Kids won't be able to get enough of these — and it's more than likely the adults will be pretty taken with these too! It's easy to make giant bubbles in your backyard with just a few simple ingredients and a bucket. It's even easy to make your own giant bubble "wands" with straws and yarn. There are lots of recipes online you can find easily — we like this full tutorial from Happy Hooligans.

Getty Images Signature via Canva

5.  Host a backyard drive-in

A drive-in movie? In the backyard? Yep! Elevate the idea of a backyard movie shown on an old sheet with these adorable DIY cars. Put the basic car together with big cardboard boxes before your guests arrive and then let families decorate their own car with washi tape or markers and add wheels and headlights (paper plates!) before the movie starts. The kids will love to sit in their "cars" all movie long, while the adults can chat in the back. Find the full tutorial here!

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