The Outsideologist Project: 24 Ways to Explore Outside

By Cookie Suรกrez, publisher of Macaroni KID Buckhead - Midtown - Brookhaven, Ga. August 13, 2021

Summer is in the air! It’s time to get the kids outside to soak up their sunshine vitamins, explore, discover, and join The Outsideologist Project. You'll be amazed how the little things in nature will blow their young minds! The Outsideologist Project, presented by the makers of Claritin®, is a multi-year initiative with the goal of getting 1.2 million kids to spend an extra hour outside each week.

Disclaimer: The author received The Outsideologist Project kit and compensation for this article. All images, thoughts, and opinions expressed are her own.

Studies show being outdoors:

  • Boosts Mental Health — Less reported stress, improved satisfaction/positive moods
  • Boosts Social Health Helps to build confidence, creativity, responsibility, and promotes happiness spending quality time with friends and family
  • Boosts Physical Health — Moving and playing outdoors helps the kids get stronger, build stamina, agility, and burn calories

Cookie Suarez

Feeling like you haven't been outside lately with your kids? Don't worry, you're not alone! A new survey from the makers of Claritin® found that 72% of parents surveyed believe their family doesn’t spend enough time outside. But when they do get outside, 49% of parents surveyed report that their kids find the outdoors boring. Claritin® is on a mission to get more children and their families outside, exploring the wonders nature has to offer. The initiative provides families with expert-guided activities to bust boredom and foster a love of the outdoors.

Macaroni KID and Claritin® have joined forces to provide your family with fun activities to make the outside un-boring!

Cookie Suarez

Between work and school all week, our family tries to prioritize quality time outside. Thankfully, in Georgia, we have gorgeous state and national parks, the Chattahoochee River, and several local playgrounds and green spaces to explore. Thanks to Claritin®, we can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about our allergies. We’re so excited to partner with Claritin® to show kids the wonders nature has to offer. 

Check out 24 of our favorite outdoor adventures and activities below! We hope you will find new ways to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and reap the benefits of exploring the water and green spaces around you.

Grab your sunscreen, hat, and water, and get ready to laugh, play, explore, and make some fun memories!

Cookie Suarez

1. Go bird watching

2. Make a bird feeder

3. Build a fort or a tent

4. Start a vegetable/fruit garden

5. Visit a botanical garden near you

6. Go fruit picking at a local farm

7. Hike at a trail new to your family

Cookie Suarez

8. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt

9. Look for wildflowers or insects

10. Try geocaching

11. Look for shapes in the clouds 

12. Play at a playground new to your family

13. Bike/Scoot/Skate with friends

14. Relax on a hammock and read

15. Bring a camera and go on a photo walk

Cookie Suarez

16. Enjoy a picnic outdoors

17. Make and pop giant bubbles

18. Hula hoop

19. Fly a kite

20. Play a sport

21. Go kayaking

22. Go fishing

23. Create chalk art or an obstacle course

24. Stargaze

Please remember, give plants and animals space and leave no trace when exploring nature.

Join the fun and play outside! Get more inspiration from The Outsideologist Project on Instagram and Facebook! Share your outdoor adventures with us by tagging #GetOutside. 

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