'Be Strong' Shows Kids Strength is Often Found in Unlikely Places

Author and illustrator last teamed up on NY Times Bestseller 'Be Kind'

By Kara Murphy September 10, 2021

I remember in grade school the day we were supposed to climb as high as we could on a rope. Some kids touched the ceiling. Let's just say: I did not.

So I very much related to the newest Pat Zietlow Miller picture book called Be Strong.

This feel-good book is about a girl who finds strength in unlikely places. It starts with Tanisha, who is discouraged when her gym class must face the school rock-climbing wall. Her muscles are weak, and she knows she'll never reach the top like Cayla. 

But Tanisha discovers that maybe strength is about more than just muscles.

With help from her family, Tanisha learns that by showing up, speaking up, and not giving up, she can be strong, too. 

Whether climbing a rope in gym class or overcoming hardships and changes at school associated with the pandemic, there's a good lesson here for kids that people are the strongest when they work together and trust each other.

In a gentle, kid-friendly way, the book demonstrates that there are many ways to be strong beyond physical strength — determination, bravery, and perseverance — for starters. All attributes celebrated in this book.

Award-winning author Pat Zietlow Miller has reunited with illustrator Jen Hill for Be Strong, another unforgettable story sure to inspire kids and adults alike. The two teamed up last time for Be Kind, the hugely popular New York Times bestseller.

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