The Ultimate Family Gift: Become a Macaroni KID Publisher Today!

Earn extra money and barters for your family, plus love a job with flexibility & endless potential

November 5, 2021

Have you always wanted to find a flexible, work-from-home opportunity that allows you to entertain your kids, enrich your community and earn fun perks? Macaroni KID could be the answer! 

As a Macaroni KID publisher, you can give your family the ultimate gift this holiday season: Your presence!

We are a network of hundreds of hardworking, self-driven publishers across the United States and Canada who earn money and fun perks the whole family loves. We also all work from home, which means we can be there to see the kids down for naptime or off the bus at the end of the schooldays ... all while becoming an important resource for families in our communities.

Pensacola, Fla. Macaroni KID Publisher Kate Sparrow and family.

What do we do?

As Macaroni KID publishers, we maintain a website and create weekly newsletters filled with local family events and activities. This work gives us a chance to connect with local families and local businesses ... and then connect them together!

Unlike many stay-at-home business options, we keep 100% of what we sell. There's no buying merchandise and selling to your friends. There's no upfront investment. There's no working for commissions. We keep everything we earn — no strings attached! We can even barter advertising for fun perks for our families. Publishers have recently bartered for everything from car payments and braces to housecleaning and summer camps.

Sounds fun, right!? It is! Join us and you'll find a publisher community who embraces you, loves to share ideas, and encourages each other ... all while having a ton of fun. Check out the fun some of our publishers had on a recent press trip to the Dominican Republic:

 Outdoors Photo Family

Vow to be more "present" in 2022 by giving your family the ultimate gift this holiday season — a Macaroni KID publisher position for YOU!

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