What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day ... Plus a Free Printable!

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8

By Kara Murphy May 6, 2022

What do moms really want for Mother's Day? We asked our Macaroni KID publishers who are moms what's on their wish list Sunday for Mother's Day. More than 30 responded! The No. 1 answer? A day of peace and relaxation! Read on for some highlights:

A day reminiscing

All I ever want is to spend the day watching old videos of the kids. We make all these videos all the time and we never watch them. It is the one day we do and it is wonderful.

—Debra Flanagan, Macaroni KID Chicago Northside

A day of no decisions

For Mother's Day, I asked for a carefree day where I do not have to make any decisions for myself or anyone else. From what to wear to where we go, it's all out of my hands. I can't wait to see what the day has in store for me.

—Sarah Frane, Macaroni KID North York, Pa.

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Time alone, and a clean house

Here is my Mother's Day routine: I go to lunch and to the movies BY MYSELF. My husband goes grocery shopping, he and the kids clean the house, he makes dinner, and I come home to a clean house, flowers, food, and hugs. This is my favorite way to spend Mother's Day because for the last 9 years I've had a small child with me 24/7. And now I'm expecting my third son in August and I'm starting all over!

—Carla Weiler, Macaroni KID Hickory - Western Piedmont, N.C.

A hug

I am an empty nester mom and all I want is to hug my kiddos and spend some time together.

—Julie Smith Dikken, Macaroni KID Evergreen - Bailey - Conifer, Colo. and Macaroni KID Arvada-Wheat Ridge-Golden, Colo.

Time to focus on what's important

What I'd really love for Mother's Day is a day to set the chores aside, and just concentrate on a fun relaxing activity with my kids while hubby, or someone else, takes over the stuff that keeps us so busy all the time so I can really focus on what this day is all about: Enjoying being a mom to these awesome kids.

—Krystal Brashear, Macaroni KID North Brevard, Fla.

Open eyes!

I would love to have a day of just hanging out with the family and snapping a photo of the four kids together where they are all smiling and have their eyes open.

—Jenny Sites, Macaroni KID Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania-Stafford, Va.

A massage from 'the kids'

Single mom here. Last year “the kids” got me wine. This year “the kids” will be getting me a massage.

—Joni Gilder-Rone, Macaroni KID Brainerd-Little Falls-Long Prairie-Mille Lacs Lake, Minn. and Macaroni KID St. Cloud, Minn.

Homemade gifts and quality time

My favorite gifts are homemade gifts from my 4 kids. I love when my kids pick me flowers. Also would love to have a mini spa day with my girls at home.

—Nicole Torretti, Macaroni KID Enfield, Conn.


Every year I ask for homemade cards, hot coffee, and bacon.

—Sara Yaniga, Macaroni KID Chicago Midtown

Wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all of our publishers celebrating, along with all of our readers who are moms!