Celebrate the Spookiest Time of Year with R.L. Stine

October 29, 2022 3:00 pm
Online Event


Join Goosebumps author for a special event with Books of Wonder!

From Books of Wonder:

Meet R. L. STINE this Halloween weekend! We can't imagine a better storyteller for this fright-filled family celebration of All Hallows Eve at Books of Wonder — featuring  R. L. STINE's 30th Goosebumps Anniversary Release of Slappy, Beware! and the all-new short story collection Stinetinglers!

PLUS we'll have special guests Matt Stine, Elisabeth Weinberg, and Jo Simko —  the creators of of The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook, which features more than 35 zany, kid-friendly recipes!

Get the untold true story of Slappy in a terrifying new special edition! This is Slappy's world  — you only scream in it! But where did he come from? And can he ever be destroyed?

PLUS don't miss Stinetinglers, which includes ten new stories! A boy who hates bugs starts to see them everywhere. A basketball player’s skin starts to almost drip off his hands. Three friends find a hole in the ground that just gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger . . . And each story is introduced by Stine himself, providing a personal touch sure to delight fans.

Pour over all your favorite titles in the Goosebumps series with R. L. STINE in the flesh! Bring on the spirit in-costume and join us at Books of Wonder for this all-ages Halloween reading extravaganza!

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