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Camille Bisignaro, publisher of Macaroni KID Warminster-Willow Grove, PA

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Our Featured Publisher: Camille Bisignaro

Camille is the publisher of Macaroni KID Warminster-Willow Grove, Pa. She has been a Macaroni KID publisher since 2023. She has four children.

Why she became a Macaroni KID publisher:

I am a mom of active kids who love attending events and checking out new places in our community. Being able to raise my kids, be active in the community, and run my Macaroni KID business is a WIN!  I love that I get the opportunity to connect with business owners, while providing a convenient resource of affordable fun for busy parents like me!

Camille's advice for those considering joining our publishing team:

If you're reading this and considering becoming a publisher, don't second guess, just do it! A lot of times, we doubt our ability to succeed and never give it a chance. It is hard work, especially in the beginning, BUT if you view it with the perspective of "laying the foundation" of your business, as any other business owner, you'll be on your way. There are so many great resources to help you succeed like fellow publishers and great support from HQ, from initial training and beyond.

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