Ask Maggie: How Do I Navigate the Choppy Waters of Young Dating?

February 5, 2019

Dear Maggie,

Teen dating. 

Call me crazy, but I think 12 is too young for dating. But I’m getting the “all my friends are doing it!” response. How do I navigate this new world?

Dear Pirate Pete,

We sail the same waters. Most times I have NO idea what I’m doing, which star is north and if I turn the wheel in circles WHY my boat goes keeps going right! What I DO know is that I follow my gut and trust no one but myself to chart these waters. Whatever your rules are -- stick to them. Whatever your instincts are -- trust them. 

Don’t worry about those other little kids (AND THEIR OBNOXIOUS BFF PARENTS) that gather on the bridge of life and encourage each other to join the proverbial leaps into nowhere!    

I pride myself on trolling the teenage seas as THE PIRATE parent. I am feared, I am sharp, I am hardcore and I do not care what other ships are doing!  I will light those ships on fire!! Okay, that was way too far, but you get it. 

Believe in your parenting. Sail this ship away from the dating scene until your instincts tell you otherwise.  


Captain Maggie Black Beard

P.S.  When you see me on the seas, please let me know how exactly I turn this ship -- left.