Ask Maggie: Is It OK For Me to Post My Kids' Pictures on Social Media?

April 2, 2019

Dear Maggie:

When my son was a baby, I gleefully posted pics of him doing the most adorable things on all of my social media channels. But, well, he’s not a baby anymore and I’m thinking that maybe I should make sure it is okay with him for me to post his picture. So I guess my question is … at what age should you ask your kid’s “permission” to post about them on social media?


Dear Jasmine,

This is a whole new world that you are dealing with (as am I) and it’s no magic carpet ride filled with catchy songs you can’t stop singing! 

This wasn’t a concern when we were kids because quite frankly, Zuckerburg was a pipe dream as were all of his forward-thinking social media peers! (Why didn’t WE invent social media?! This will forever weigh on my heart. And wallet.)  

What we DO get to invent are the rules and best practices in our own world, for this whole new world.

My rule of thumb is this. If you hesitate, don’t do it.

These days, lots of stuff probably makes you hesitate. Waving during the Rugby game, tooting your horn as you drive away from marching band drop off, breaking out into Livin’ on a Prayer when you hear your daughter and her friend mention, “Tommy.” Or is that just me?

So quite simply -- listen to yourself. Your hesitation is most likely your child yelling like a banshee -- DO NOT EMBARRASS ME IN MY TERRIBLY TUMULTUOUS TWEEN AND TEEN YEARS!

Many of us love to post pictures across social media, but there comes a time when our children develop into beings that demand at least some consideration.

At the first sign of … ”don’t you dare post that!” it’s time to let that be a bug in your ear. It's a whole new world: One where your babies are growing into young adults.



P.S. I can’t stop singing A Whole New World now!


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