Moms Making Waves: How Actress Ali Sweeney Stays Fit with Her Family

Producer, actress, and fitness guru shares tips for exercising as a family

By Kristen Fischer, publisher of Macaroni Kid Central Jersey Shore September 3, 2019

The thought of being physically active with your kids can sound draining -- especially at the end of an already long day. But for Hallmark movie and daytime soap opera extraordinaire Ali Sweeney, exercising with her family is something she always looks forward to.

I recently got to interview Sweeney, the co-creator, executive producer, and star of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films, “Chronicle Mysteries,” as the fourth movie came out on Aug. 25. (I’m also a diehard “Days of Our Lives” fan, and grew up watching Sweeney play the scheming charmer Sami Brady. This is why I jumped at the chance to speak with her!)

Scheming and sleuthing aside, listening to Sweeney talk about how much she loves being active with her kids was inspiring. After all, she left her hosting gig on “The Biggest Loser” years ago and still manages to stay active and look her best. 

How does she stay fit?

Sweeney does hit the gym to enjoy classes from time to time and loves her Peloton® bike. But it's active time with her family that is the ultimate workout because it enables her to make memories with them and have fun. 

Ali Sweeney Instagram

Ali Sweeney and her children paddleboarding.

The family that works out together, stays together:

Even if it's hiking around the trails in her area, Sweeney encourages her children to come along.

But she also likes to do other physical activities to engage her kids such as skiing with her whole family, playing tennis with her son, and competing in equestrian shows with her mother and daughter -- a multigenerational workout!

She's always ready for things to turn competitive when she enjoys physical activities or workouts with her kids though. 

“It’s fun and it’s hard,” said Sweeney, who turns 43 on Sept. 19. 

Ali Sweeney Instagram

Ali Sweeney and her daughter love to horseback ride together.

A role model for her kids:

Integrating fitness into family time is vital for Sweeney because she wants to be a role model for her children. 

Being a role model for others? That's been an unexpected bonus, she said. 

She was pleased to see people respond positively when she posted a recent picture of her enjoying a game of tennis with her son. Many said it inspired them to try activities with loved ones that they hadn’t attempted in years. 

What's great about being physically fit with kids:

Being able to play with her kids at their level makes the hard work of staying in shape worthwhile, she said.

“We can all participate and no one is gasping for breath or calling it quits early, we’re just together as a family being fit,” she said. “That’s the reason we do all this [working out] is for those kinds of experiences and to have fun in that way.” 

Ali Sweeney Instagram

Ali Sweeney and her son on a hike.

Inspired? Here are five ideas to get active with your family:

  • Explore the walking trail at a local park.
  • Sign up for an all-ages town recreation program such as pickleball.
  • Take a bike ride together.
  • Make an obstacle course in your backyard.
  • Let each family member choose a local activity or attraction that involves fitness—then try it!

Author Kristen Fischer is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Central Jersey Shore. She enjoys circuit training and yoga, and recently participated in bootcamp-style stroller classes with her 2-year-old son.