Ask Maggie: How Do I Get My Hubby to Stop Pushing My Son Into Sports?

Son isn't interested in playing sports, but my husband won't take 'no' for an answer

October 1, 2019

Dear Maggie,

My husband played high school sports and wants our son to have that same experience. But our son, well, let’s just say he is more comic books and computers than playbooks and passes. How can I get his Dad to stop pushing him towards sports?

Dear Sports Pass,

Roll up one of those comic books and hit Dad over the head. Or don’t — but somehow send the message that we don’t live through our kids, we help our kids live. 

Dad just needs to be redirected. His energy is in the right place.

I think it’s super fair to try to introduce your children to things we are familiar with, things we found passion in, and things we feel we can help them learn.

There's a caveat though: We parent-types have to be open to changing course when what we want for our kids doesn't match their interests or skills.

Encourage Dad — and you should do this as well — to try new things together with your son. High school sports are amazing. No doubt. Watching, playing, being a part of a team. But maybe, since sports are not what your son's interest is in, there are some other activities your husband and son can try — and learn — together.

Encourage your husband to choose activities that encourage development of personal skills and connections with others (including Dad.) Rock climbing, archery, marching band (Friday night lights in a different way!), swimming, diving, hockey, scouts, kayaking, rowing, fishing, hunting, track, soccer, rugby, martial arts, lacrosse, gymnastics, dance, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, knee boarding, performing arts, to name a FEW. It just goes on and on. Our job is to give the opportunities, help to find a match, and be supportive along the way.



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