Moms Making Waves: Good Housekeeping Exec Editor Meaghan B. Murphy

'I hope to leave a legacy of positive energy'

By Joyce Shulman, Chief Macaroni Mom February 4, 2020

Meaghan B. Murphy has gone from being a host on MTV to executive editor of Good Housekeeping magazine. You might have seen her on shows like "Live with Kelly & Ryan," "Dr. Oz," and "Today," where she's frequently tapped as a lifestyle and fitness expert. She is someone who loves to spread positivity -- something you can see on her Instagram page, The Yay List. She's also writing a book slated for release in spring 2021.

Tell us about yourself:

First and foremost, I'm a high-energy mama to Charley (a girl!), 9, James, (almost) 8, Brooks, 6, and Dempsey the labradoodle, 2.

My "side hustle" is commuting to NYC for my role as the executive editor of Good Housekeeping magazine. I've been in the media for almost 25 years, having done time at YM, Teen People, Cosmopolitan, and SELF. 

You are all about the positive energy! Tell us about how you strive to bring positive energy to the world:

Yay to the yay! The Yay List is essentially a gratitude journal … that I share publicly. I post beautiful, funny, happy, inspiring things on The Yay List, from a dog on a Spin bike, to a quote that makes your heart burst, to an epic TikTok. Good energy is contagious, and I want to be a spark for people! 

And now you're turning all that positive energy toward a book?

Yes! I'm writing a book called "The Fully Charged Life: A Radically Simple Guide to Having Endless Energy and Finding the Yay in Every Day." Penguin-Random House is publishing it in Spring 2021. I hope to leave a legacy of positive energy!

It wasn't always this way ... you haven't always been this incredibly positive person. How did you tap into that? What was your "ah-ha" moment?

The crazy part is The Yay List was born from sadness over the loss of my father to pancreatic cancer. It started as #operationgoodgrief. In the darkness after his death, I forced myself to find one thing that didn't suck every day. I'd snap a photo and share it on social media. I kept this up for two years and eventually I retrained my brain to see the positive more easily. As I moved through my grief, I started asking myself, "What made you say YAY today?" and The Yay List was born. 

You've got three kids, a crazy-busy job, a new book ... how do you take care of yourself in the midst of all of that?

Exercise is my medicine! I work out so I work. That means dawn exercise classes (we're talking 5:15 a.m.!) with a good vibe tribe of fellow women. We show up for each other through hard times -- sick parents, loss, kid crises! -- and hard workouts. SLT is no joke! I'd be lost without this just-for-me time that makes me stronger mentally and physically. And if this is sounding crazy to you: know that it only takes about 19 days to cement a habit. You can do it!

You are out there spreading yay ... but we all have "those days" when it all seems like too much. How do you push past them?

I have some sh*t days! The stress of everything from packing lunches, remembering to sign permission slips, commuting, and, oh, putting out a magazine that 45 million people read can be daunting. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I repeat in my head: Stay in your day. Focusing on the moment and finding one thing I can DO right then and there to make a dent, helps me feel lighter. Action is always the answer for me. 

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