Moms Making Waves: Let's Get Organized With Jenny Dietsch

'I understand what we’re up against as moms!'

By Kara Murphy September 21, 2020

Jenny Dietsch is the owner of Getting it Done Organizing, based near Dallas, Texas. She is a Certified Professional Organizer who believes order and beauty in the home bring peace and contentment. She and her team are committed to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing systems for their clients and their families. Jenny is the author of a new Macaroni Kid column called "Let's Get Organized." Read her first column, about setting up an effective at-home learning space.

Tell us about yourself:

I am a professional organizer. I was the most unorganized person for years. Growing up I drove my parents, friends, teachers, and coaches crazy! I was always late, never had what I needed, and was a mess in general. As an adult, it was obvious to me that I had ADHD, but I was never diagnosed until I had a child diagnosed with ADHD. When I met with the doctor he said, “How have you not been here before?”

Over the years, I got tired of always being behind the curve and I figured out that with organization I was prepared for things, and by being prepared, I excelled. This was such a new feeling.  Getting it right.  Being prepared.  Knowing the answers. Not being the last one. I loved it.

I've worked as a teacher, project manager, and event planner. All of these things required organization! I continued to practice my organizational skills and they continue to pay off. I am like the Energizer Bunny! I am constantly in motion and checking things off of my to-do lists.

My greatest joy is being a mother to Matthew, 16, Sara, 14, and Hannah,11. They are so much fun! I always wanted to be a mother and now I am in the thick of it and loving it! 

The a-ha moment:

I took my passion for organizing and turned it into a career. When I became a mom, I wanted to manage my own time and began looking into opportunities that would fulfill me. I wanted to be able to help people and I knew I loved to organize. It all came together on December 26, 2014.  

One of my dear friends who knew about my passion for organizing and my desire to go back to work called me in a panic. She had 3 toddlers and a newborn. It was the day after Christmas and she was desperate. She told me to get over to her house now and organize her playroom. 

I did not know that “professional organizing” was a “thing” and I didn’t know if I would add value. But I gathered up my confidence and jumped into the task at hand.  After one day of organizing, I was hooked. Most importantly, my friend was over the moon with what I had done. I realized that I could really help people.

The business:

When I started my company in 2015, the name Getting it Done Organizing was a no-brainer. I like to exceed client expectations and go beyond just basic basket and label organizing. I want to get the job done even if we are purchasing and assembling furniture, designing and building a new mudroom for backpacks, or remodeling a master closet. I studied interior design so I always look at spaces with a decorator’s eye for beauty. I want your home to be both beautiful and functional.

I started out as a one-woman show.  We have evolved into a team of organizers plus a handful of handymen to help people get organized, move, and create systems that the whole family can maintain. All the women on our team are moms so they “get it” too!!  We specialize in creating aesthetic and functional systems that work for your family in your home.

My organizing gig has provided me many diverse opportunities.  I recently worked with one of the cast members from The Real Housewives of Dallas preparing for a move. Look for me and my team in Season 5! We are so excited about this! I also organized the kitchen of a professional food blogger.  I’ve helped families move out of long-time homes and transition into new ones. I’ve given women (and men!) their dream closets and set up pantries that delight the entire household.  But my very favorite clients to work with are young mothers. Having three kids myself, I understand the crazy that is motherhood. 

The mom challenge:

I understand what we’re up against as moms! I love pretty and orderly concepts but I am going to ensure they are functional and maintainable! Moms never have the large chunks of time that it takes to pull everything out, sort through it, create systems, and reconfigure their home so people can actually live there, so they just don’t. Between naps, feedings, carpools, snacks, and meltdowns (theirs and ours) organization just isn’t a priority. The house can become a mess, chaotic, and cause major frustration and even marital anxiety.

The season of mom is a short one in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it’s a crazy season but it’s rich with experiences. I believe bringing aesthetic and functional systems into the lives of my clients enables them to be fully present in the precious moments and stay mostly sane in the wonderful chaos. 

Jenny Dietsch, the owner of Getting it Done Organizing, is a Certified Professional Organizer who believes order and beauty in the home bring peace and contentment. She and her team are committed to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing systems for their clients and their families.

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