Avocado Chocolate Mousse! Yep, It's a Thing and It's Delicious

This recipe takes just five minutes and three ingredients to make

By Tatiana Sayig, publisher of Macaroni Kid Five Towns - Valley Stream - The Rockaways, N.Y. January 26, 2021

I love chocolate mousse and I love encouraging my kids to eat healthy. So I was excited to discover this 5-minute chocolate mousse recipe that required only three ingredients — one of which is an avocado!

Chocolate mousse made with avocado? 

Yep! It turns out it's creamy and delicious, and fun for kids to make. Plus my kids are getting all the nutrients of an avocado in their dessert.

That's a sweet treat, in my book. Here's how to make it:

5 Minute Avocado Chocolate Mousse


  • 1 small ripe avocado
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate flavored drink powder
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup

You will also need:

  • 1 gallon zipper seal plastic bag


  1. Cut avocado and put it inside your bag.
  2. Add chocolate drink mix and maple syrup.
  3. Seal the bag and squeeze! You can make it as smooth or as chunky as you'd like — I left little chunks in mine, but it still tasted amazing!
  4. Cut a corner off your bag and squeeze it into a dessert dish.

Voila! Delicious avocado chocolate mousse!

This recipe makes enough for one serving — at least in my house! To make more, just double or triple it! You can also use as much chocolate and maple syrup as you like depending on how sweet you want your mousse.

Tatiana Sayig is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Five Towns - Valley Stream - The Rockaways, N.Y.