After School Snacking Solved with Safe Catch

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By Kelsey Murphy July 16, 2021

Time to prepare for all things back to school!

It is so easy to overlook the importance of nutrition in after-school snacks and “opt for easy,” especially after a summer of casual eating habits. Our kids need a real boost of meaningful energy to power through after-school activities, and the quality of their snacks can literally make ALL the difference. 

Last year I learned that lesson the hard way. I let my daughter have sugar-laden snacks after school and then witnessed a full-on meltdown after soccer practice. Ugh! Painful lesson learned. (Let’s be real, I had to experience the slumpy tantrum more than once before realizing I played a big part in what she was experiencing.) Once I shifted her to protein-rich snacks, she soared! 

Getting my family to reach for healthier snacks can be hard. But I learned a secret. The key was involving my daughter in selecting recipes and then creating her snacks togetherKeeping our cooking time together fun translates into making wonderful “Mommy & Me” memories.

My tips and tricks for keeping those snacks healthy

Sharing tips and tricks with other moms always makes my day, so I want to tell you about three tips for healthy snacking my daughter and I learned ... plus a giveaway opportunity just for you!

Tip 1: Protein-rich snacks keep hunger at bay longer and help kids power through after school activities until dinner. 

What are some great sources of protein? Safe Catch has combined three protein sources (tuna, cheese, and eggs) to create three tasty, kid-friendly after school snack recipes to share with you: 

  • Tuna Mac 'n Cheese Bites (My daughter's fav!) 
  • Tuna Pizza Bites (My husband's fav!)
  • Tuna Taco Bites (My fav!) 

Find all three of these easy recipes, along with other delicious, kid-friendly recipes on Safe Catch's website!  

Tip 2: Use Safe Catch tuna, because it is the only brand in the world mercury testing every tuna and salmon to a strict mercury limit!

Choosing a healthier tuna protects my family, especially my daughter’s developing brain. Did you know Safe Catch is the official seafood brand of the American Pregnancy Association? Safe Catch Elite and Ahi tuna are tested to a strict mercury limit, 10x lower than the FDA action limit. This makes me 100% confident serving Safe Catch to my family.

Tip 3: Choose snacks that are ready in seconds!

Guess what? All three recipes I mentioned above can go from freezer to “snack ready” with just 45 seconds in the microwave! Seriously, I can’t wash and slice an apple that fast (which, by the way, also goes great with these Bites!) This is nutritious snacking, ready so fast it almost feels like cheating. (Mom for the win!)

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Good luck this school year, moms and dads! We've got this!

Find out more about Safe Catch. Or want to know where to buy Safe Catch? Click here to find a store near you that carries Safe Catch seafood products.