Topgolf Unlimited Summer Fun for All Ages: What Every Family Needs!

By Amy Flynn June 16, 2022

So I did it. I found the unicorn of family fun – something my husband, 8-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son, and I can all get excited about and genuinely enjoy together. GOLF! 

The author and her family were hosted by Topgolf to facilitate this review. All opinions are her own.

Well, Topgolf, that is. When I learned that Macaroni KID would be helping spread the word about the Topgolf Summer Fun Pass, I jumped at the chance for my family to go check it out as a pre-Father’s Day treat with some other dads and kids from the neighborhood.

We made a reservation at Topgolf in Germantown, Maryland, and had a solid mix of ages and experience levels. My kids had never picked up a “real” club before, so I had plenty of doubts as to how they’d fare, but was amazed at how easily they picked it up!

The Venue

Most Topgolf locations nationwide are set up in a similar manner – 3 levels of bays that overlook a HUGE netted/enclosed golf fairway with targets of various sizes, distances, and colors spread throughout. 

All bays are climate-controlled and covered, with comfy couches/chairs, tables, TVs, digital/touch screen game screens, and of course a tee box, that automatically pops out a ball when you wave your club over the built-in sensor. It’s like an ultra-luxury bowling lane, but instead of rolling a ball towards pins, you’re hitting one into a sprawling outdoor field. Each bay comfortably accommodates 6 Guests, with one hitting on the mat and 5 seats. Up to 6 players can play Topgolf in your bay at any given time. 

The building itself is sleek, modern, and impeccably clean, with a huge sports bar/restaurant on the main level and multiple other indoor/outdoor bars, lounges, and event spaces on the other levels. We were lucky enough to get 2 bays on the 3rd/highest level, which gave us a super-cool view and vantage point. 

The Games

Our hostess/server got us all set up in our bays, went through safety instructions, and taught us how all the games worked (she was awesome – thank you, Sam!). Germantown had 11 games to choose from, and as first-timers, we played 3 of the more standard/beginner games:

TopPractice: Players are awarded points for each ball hit, regardless of where it lands. A great confidence booster for the little kids (and big kids!) playing for the first time.

Topgolf: Players score points by hitting balls into any target, with extra points assigned for accuracy and distance.

Quick 9: Players get 3 shots each at the Red, Yellow, and Green targets (the closest targets to the bay). More points are awarded the closer you land to the center of each target. This was my favorite game to play against the guys, as it put us all on the most even playing field (since there was NO way I could compete with them on distance!). Check out my pic of the final score for a humble brag. ;)

We played a few games just for fun (without keeping score), and also got competitive with kids vs. adults, adults vs. adults, kids vs. kids, broke into teams, etc.

Regardless of what we were playing, it was SO MUCH FUN. 

A full set of women's and men's clubs are provided in each bay, and your attendant will bring you a set of lefty clubs or kids’ clubs (which are adorable!) by request. With the provided kids’ clubs, it was surprisingly easy for my kids to actually hit the ball off the tee. I know all too well the complexities that come with trying to hit a golf ball, and fully expected at least one of my kids to throw a full tantrum (as well as a golf club!) out of frustration, but that wasn’t the case at all! 

Between the games, technology, food, friends, and music, Topgolf created the perfect atmosphere for them to learn and practice their golf swing without feeling the defeat or frustration that even the most patient adults experience when playing golf.

The Food (and Drinks!)

This was definitely a highlight of the experience, as we were blown away with the quality of the food and service. Your bay attendant is also your server, and brings everything right to your bay. The menus are extensive and offer something for everyone. Most memorable were the nachos, burgers, wings, tater tots, mac & cheese bites, and Topgolf Sangria (YUM!). 

For dessert, we had so much fun sampling their signature “injectable” donut holes, which come with syringes full of different flavored fillings ready to be stuffed.

The Experience

I can’t stress enough how enjoyable Topgolf was for the entire family, and was surprised to see so many young kids there, as well as adults who clearly had never played before (and who also seemed to be having the most fun!). 

It’s truly enjoyable for both seasoned golfers as well as adults trying for the first time. My husband isn’t the most tolerant when it comes to kid-centric entertainment and activities, but he loves golf, so I was REALLY hoping Topgolf would have the secret sauce to make everyone happy. We found a winner, and I’m thrilled we now have a go-to activity that won’t require any arm-twisting!  

The Deal

Topgolf is offering an amazing Summer Fun Pass for $249 that provides UNLIMITED FREE PLAY for up to 6 players on summer weekdays (Mon-Fri until 4:00 PM through August 31). 

You can bring different players on any or every visit! Passholders also get exclusive perks/discounts through the Topgolf App

This is the PERFECT Father’s Day gift, as well as a genius offer to keep the kids entertained while school is out, plan playdates, mom dates, couples outings, etc (or just grab your laptop and get some work done while your kids and their friends swing away!). 

Summer Fun Passes only available for purchase in-venue through June 30th, so don’t miss out on some serious family fun this summer and run (do not walk – this offer may sell out!) to your nearest Topgolf and pick one up today!