Newest Arree Chung Book Celebrates Blended Families

'Remixed: A Blended Family' celebrates remixed and chosen families

By Kara Murphy July 12, 2022

No family looks the same.

There are traditional, nontraditional, or chosen families. There are families of different cultural backgrounds, different structures, and different styles. There are families made up of people with different personalities, different preferences, and definitely different senses of humor.

But no matter how different families look? There's always one constant: Love. 

The newest children's book from celebrated author and illustrator Arree Chung is called Remixed: A Blended FamilyIt celebrates the many forms that family can take. 

This inspiring picture book celebrates the strength and resilience of remixed families and the beauty of chosen families, showing how love can thrive — even after change or loss.

Remixed: A Blended Family is a companion book to Chung’s stand-out picture book Mixed: A Colorful Story, in which the colors must re-evaluate what it means to be a family.

We love the joyful and reassuring message in Remixed: A Blended FamilyIt resonates with anyone who has undergone change (isn't that all of us?) — whether through disagreement, loss, immigration, divorce, remarriage, or any of the other bazillion scenarios that can disrupt families.

This book celebrates change and the infinite possibilities of family, love, and kinship. It's a positive and reassuring message for young readers that can help them come to the understanding that change — no matter how difficult, stressful, and upsetting at the moment — can lead to new beginnings that are positive in the end.

Author and illustrator Arree Chung is the award-winning author of Mixed: A Colorful StoryOut!, and the Ninja! series, which includes Ninja!Ninja! Attack of the Clan, and Ninja Claus! Arree believes everyone is born creative and loves bringing ideas to life. When Arree is not making books or building a business, you can find him exploring nature or riding his bike in a new city.