1Thrive Command Centers Keep On-The-Go Families Organized

Searching for a great organizational tool this school year? Our team loves 1Thrive wall organizers!

By Macaroni KID July 15, 2022

Our Macaroni KID team is always on the go, from leading client meetings to driving kids to sports practices ... and so much in between. As busy as we all are, we have to stay organized so we don't miss a thing. 

That's why our team was so happy to discover 1Thrive, a company where wall organization meets home décor.

1Thrive command centers and accessories bring organization, clarity, and structure to your home without sacrificing style and beauty. 

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More of that, please! Especially as we head into another overwhelmingly busy school year.

Read on for what our team had to say about their new 1Thrive command centers:

The Casey

With sports, school activities, volunteer commitments, and more, we need to know who needs to be where and when. With our new 1Thrive unit, we now have our monthly schedule front and center in our house. It's also a drop zone for keys, headphones, glasses, and more. No more searching! 

My whole family loves our 1Thrive: My husband loves having all schedules in one place — no more checking apps, online calendars, or emails. My son likes to keep track of his baseball schedule and write in what he needs. My teenage daughter loves having a mirror on the way out the door. I love the sleek, modern look of The Casey and how practical it is. 1THRIVE has already simplified our lives and is making me look forward to a smoother school year ahead!

—Jamie Zagar, Campaign Management & Sales Assistant

The Harper

With three active boys, it seems like we are always running to and from games, practices, and social events and I am always striving to be more organized. Before I received my Harper, I had a small calendar hanging over my work desk, papers stashed away in a tabletop drawer, and could never find a pen when I needed one. 

But now, with The Harper, everything is in one place and it looks so clean and tidy. I love how the organizer is not only practical, but looks really great too! This is the best organizer I have ever owned because it has everything I need to keep my family organized in one cohesive unit.

—An Silberman, Account Executive

The Brooke

With so many activities and everyone running in different directions, our 1Thrive wall organization system has been a great way to help us all see what is going on at any given time. I love the multiple ways we can stay organized. With the monthly calendar, weekly calendar, and white space, it's easy for all of us to track our family calendar on The Brooke!

—Randi Kotok, Director of Business Development

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The Sarah

I chose The Sarah because of its size and simplicity. It gave me maximum space to write what I wanted on the whiteboard and chalkboard and it had a cork board, which I find helpful. With The Sara, I've been able to consolidate my schedule, activities, things to remember, and more all in one place just behind my desk. 

My 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, calls it our "Command Center of FUN!" 

—Olga Butler, Director of Marketing Operations

The Susan

We LOVE our newest addition to the front room. The Susan wall organizer is exactly what our family needed for a functional, beautiful command station. By far the best-looking organizer we've found. It has the perfect amount of space and is exactly what we wanted.

—Noelle Monaghan, Publisher Development Manager

The Rachel

Our new 1Thrive wall organizer is a beautiful way to keep our family organized. I chose the Rachel because it is beautiful and fits perfectly in my space and has all the elements I need to keep my family organized. Better meal planning has been my favorite part of having The Rachel! If my husband or daughter comes home and I am still working, they can see on the board what we're having for dinner and get started preparing it right away. That's been a great unexpected benefit — everyone is just picking up the slack in that area! 

I especially love the hanging buckets. I use one for my chalk markers and the other for dog treats. 

—Julie Dikken, Campaign Manager

Ready to give a 1Thrive wall organizer a try in your home? 

Save $20 when you use code MK20!
Discount code expires Sept. 15, 2022