Kids Back To School? 3 Flexible Jobs That Work With Your Schedule

From helping others to transcribing medical records, flex jobs go far beyond delivery these days

By Kara Murphy September 13, 2022

The gig economy is not just here to stay — it's booming more now than ever. There's never been a better time to look for a side hustle, freelance work, or part-time job that doesn't tie you down to certain shifts or hours per week. 

The available flexible jobs are interesting too — there's the delivery of just about anything, of course, but there are other amazing opportunities out there as well. In fact, FlexJobs, our go-to online job board for flexible and part-time work, currently has opportunities in account management, finance, graphic design, writing, sales, project management, and more — from nearly 6,000 companies!

Our favorite flex jobs? They're the ones that not only earn you money, but also help you build a resume and feel great about what you're doing. 

Here are three great flexible job opportunities — in very different types of businesses — that we're loving right now.

Helping others as a Papa Pal

Macaroni KID publisher Annie Young has loved working part-time as a Papa Pal.

Papa connects its members and their families to real people for help with companionship, everyday tasks, transportation, and more. Papa recognizes the importance of human connection and their program brings it right to the doors of those who need it. "Papa Pals" help Papa members with everything from light housework to accompanying them to the grocery store. Sometimes members just need a kind person to spend time with them! 

Papa Pals receive hourly pay (most Papa Pals make around $20/hr when bonuses apply). Papa pays for your commute mileage to and from visits. The company also pays mileage if you do a transportation visit that is more than 10 miles. Along with your pay rate, you can earn daily and weekly bonuses to increase your earnings.

Several of our publishers have been working with Papa as Papa Pals over the past few months and have LOVED the experience and the people they've met. Read more about Macaroni KID publisher Rebecca Seindenberger's experiences as a Papa Pal.

Learn more and apply to become a Papa Pal today!

Assisting health professionals ... from your living room! 

 instaphotos via Canva

Medical transcriptionists typically work from home and can set their own hours. 

Work as a medical transcriptionist from home! Work part- or full-time as a medical transcriptionist and enjoy the freedom to set your own hours, eliminate day care costs, do interesting work, and enjoy a career that is in great demand!

What do medical transcriptionists do? They transcribe dictation from health care professionals such as letters, histories and physicals, progress notes, operative reports, hospital discharge summaries, and psych evaluations. The Medical Transcription Service is hiring! There is a significant shortage of medical transcriptionists, so this is a job in demand.

Want to know more? Attend one of the upcoming free, live, one-hour webinars! Topics include pay scale, equipment needed, the reports they transcribe, working for the Medical Transcription Service, the various types of clients, and much more!

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