You've Been Boo'd! MacKID Publishers Take Part In Halloween Fun

Our publishers have been leaving fun surprises on reader doorsteps this season!

By Macaroni KID October 25, 2022

A few of our Macaroni KID publishers have been very busy this Halloween season "Boo'ing" their readers.

Not familiar with Boo'ing fun?

It's a really great and easy way to get the whole community involved in a little bit of Halloween happiness, and anyone can do it!

Here's how to Boo your neighbors and friends:

  1. Gather a few Halloween goodies like candy, pencils, or stickers. 
  2. Put your goodies in a cute bag or container.
  3. Decide who to Boo! 

Now is the really fun part: The best part about Boo'ing is that it's a total surprise! Put your gift on your friend's or neighbor's doorstep, ring the bell, and then ...


Our Macaroni KID publishers love to Boo because it is a way to spread kindness, excitement, and the feeling of community in their towns. Here are just a few images from our publishers who took part in "Boo'ing" this Halloween season:

Holli Carlin, publisher of Macaroni KID Cherry Hill, N.J.

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Kara Gulliard, publisher of Macaroni KID Youngstown, Ohio

Kara had a little helper when getting her Boo Baskets ready!

Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni KID Fremont, Calif.

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Brittany Joyner, publisher of Macaroni KID Killeen, Texas

Leave your Boo Basket, ring the doorbell, and run! Brittany Joyner's helper had a blast helping her surprise readers.

Emily Cabrera, publisher of Macaroni KID Leominster- Clinton, Mass.

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We love the ways our publishers share their passion for their communities! Interested in finding out about joining our team and becoming a Macaroni KID publisher in your community? Get details at! We're recruiting new publishers now!