Take Comfort In These 5 Warm & Endearing Picture Books

Books that explore self-acceptance, compassion, resilience, and perseverance

April 10, 2023

Children will feel safe and loved with stories celebrating self-acceptance and everyday moments. 

Cozy up with your little one with these five picture books exploring compassion, resilience, and perseverance.

Sometimes It's Nice To Be Alone
Written by Amy Hest, illustrated by Philip Stead

In Sometimes It’s Nice To Be Alone, anyone can become a potential friend — including horses, whales, crocodiles, and even dinosaurs. It’s a celebration of the joy and comfort to be found in alone time and the joy and comfort that a friend can bring.

All The Beating Hearts
Written by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Cátia Chien

All The Beating Hearts is a tender and compassionate exploration of the shared experiences that bring us together, whether sweet, painful, or both. In a story that embraces life’s highs and lows, All The Beating Hearts is a reassuring and hopeful meditation on solidarity and perseverance, and reminds us that through all of life’s ups and downs, there will always be light after darkness.

My Baba’s Garden
Written by Jordan Scott, illustrated by Sydney Smith

A child and his grandmother plant memories together in My Baba’s Garden. Explore the sights, sounds, and smells experienced by a child spending time with their beloved grandmother (Baba), inspired by the author’s childhood memories. 

The Hospital Book
Written and illustrated by Lisa Brown

Going to the hospital can be strange and scary, but The Hospital Book will comfort and reassure even the youngest patient. With illustrations brimming with action, this story is full of humor and empathy that will delight and comfort almost any kid fearful of a hospital visit.

Night in the City
Written and illustrated by Julie Downing

Children will learn to appreciate the jobs people do all through the night when they are fast asleep in Night in the City. Follow eight people throughout their busy evening, from waking up as most people contemplate bedtime, through the following morning.

Get your copies of Sometimes It's Nice to be Alone, All the Beating Hearts, My Baba's Garden, The Hospital Book, and Night in the City this spring, wherever you buy books!