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May 23, 2023

When we first relocated to Florida, I was ADAMANT about not buying a house with a pool. I had two littles and did not want the cost, maintenance, and safety risks associated with a backyard pool. Fast forward to a few years later, and Florida's long pool season has had me seriously questioning my choice. The messy (and quite frankly, not that fun) inflatable swimming pools, sprinklers, water balloons, and squirt guns are no longer cutting it for my growing kids during the hot summers. 

As the weather has recently turned so beautiful, my concerns about the long, hot, upcoming summer have resurfaced. I love having all of us outside together enjoying the beautiful weather, but want it to be as fun and stress-free as possible.  

The author received a Swimply pool reservation and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own.

I have found the perfect (and easy!) solution for us this summer: Swimply! Have you heard of it? Swimply is an app that connects pool owners in our area with people, like me, who are looking to swim with their families in local, private pools they can rent by the hour. 

Search for pools in your area on the Swimply app and book the pool that works best for you based on location, cost, amenities, and your number of guests. Talk about the perfect staycation! 

As summer approaches and the schedules get even busier, I was PUMPED to find a Sunday on our calendar with nothing scheduled. No dance, T-ball, baseball, travel, birthday parties, or family in town. I used the Swimply app to find a pool located close to us for the afternoon. Once my Swimply pool was booked, I felt so good about the day and the opportunity to spend it distraction-free with my family. 

We locked in the day and looked forward to it all week. We were in our own neighborhood, so travel was minimal, but my husband and I couldn't fritter the day away distracted by house projects, dishes, laundry, or work. We had our own private, family oasis just minutes away from home, but with all the luxuries of a vacation. 

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Booking on the Swimply app couldn't be easier! Within minutes I was able to pick a pool for the day and time I wanted as well as know if there was a bathroom or other amenities I wanted. I loved how easy it was!

My pool reservation was flawless. I searched by my zip code and had over 12 pools to choose from, with more coming all the time. My booking was confirmed immediately and I was provided detailed information about the pool, as well as contact information for the host. I was able to message my host directly with any questions. I found detailed instructions, the address, and parking info in the app. 

My family had the best day at the pool. My son has been so busy with sports and school, it was great to see him just relax and have fun. He was able to swim, snack, and even took a quick nap in a hammock. 

The pool even came with toys to keep my daughter entertained, floats to enjoy, a floating basketball hoop for my son, and fresh towels so I didn’t come home with a ton of laundry. 

It struck me how special it was to be at a private pool, and not have to worry about the noise and crowds of a public pool. My son’s favorite thing to do is throw a ball, and I was able to do it with him until my arms were sore. We didn’t have to worry about hitting anyone with a rogue football or whiffle ball since it was just us. My daughter was free to splash, make noise, and sit in all the chairs since we weren’t sharing the space with anyone. 

I’m always on the hunt for high-quality family time, and Swimply was perfect for a unique and affordable summer afternoon. Couple that with my anxiety about how quickly my kids are growing up – I’ll be booking these special times as often as I can. Swimply pools allow us to take full advantage of the beautiful area we live in and they are a great chance to create an easy and fun excursion with your kids. 

Still have questions? So did I. But the reservation process was awesome and so easy. My host was available for questions through the app, with quick replies. You can cancel, extend, or change your reservation right in the app. 

Need bathroom access? Each pool is different, but ours had an available restroom in the pool house. Other pools allow you to use the guest bathroom inside the home. If there is no restroom available it will be clearly stated on your reservation. 

Weather concerns? Our pool was fully refundable up to 24-hours before our reservation. I could check the forecast and plan for our pool day with confidence. Had the weather looked bad, I would definitely have rebooked for a day with lots of sun. 

Hungry? If you’re like my family, all the time. We brought a picnic lunch to our pool, but our host also had the grill ready and waiting for us. You can bring snacks, drinks, and anything you’d like to grill. We were pumped to think about how much money we could save grilling at a Swimply pool, rather than ordering takeout or grabbing fast food. 

I was so pleased with my Swimply pool and I will definitely do it again this summer. I plan to schedule some family days and find some days to coordinate with friends. No more worrying about where to hang out this summer. I’ll be enjoying the full benefits of having a private pool, without the responsibility of pool ownership. 

Save 10% on your next rental with code MACARONIKID10

And if you are a pool owner? I would seriously consider listing your pool and creating an extra income stream for yourself.

Happy Summer and Happy Swimming!