TikTok Made Me Buy It, But Should You?

One mom's experience with the wildly popular, Ninja Creami

June 22, 2023

Homemade ice cream anytime you want? And healthy too? Sounds too good to be true. TikTok is blowing up over the Ninja Creami which claims to "turn almost anything into ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, and more." Their definition of "almost anything" is a lot more restrictive than ours (call us when cauliflower becomes a Blizzard), but still, the pictures look pretty good and the hype on social media has got us wondering. Is it worth it?

@_erinr._ What else shouId I make with my ninja creami? #ninjacreami #ninjacreamirecipe #sorbet #peaches #recipeideas ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

First things first, what exactly are we talking about? The Ninja Creami is a tabletop ice cream maker that boasts the ability to cream up pretty much anything – fruit or beverages plus add-ins like candy, cereal – you name it – it'll turn it into an icy treat.

Released in 2021, the Creami has found some loyal fans among TikTok influencers lately. Just pop #ninjacreami into the search page and see for yourself. This time of year we're all on the hunt for cool treats that are quick and easy to make. Bonus points if they're healthy. The Creami claims to check all the boxes and our FYP is filled with happy customers. 

@sharmaynejessica Made sorbet with only two ingredients: fresh strawberries and pineapples chopped up! πŸ“πŸ A refreshing, tart summer treat πŸ˜‹ #strawberry #pineapple #sorbet #ninjacreami ♬ original sound - ALTÉGO

We talked to one mom, Romina Symonds (also the publisher of Macaroni KID Salem Peabody, MA), who saw the Creami in action on TikTok and was hooked by the videos of healthy ice cream and protein-filled shakes. She took the leap, purchasing hers about a month ago, with some difficulty thanks to many retailers being sold out. Heads up, it's not cheap. The version Romina purchased, the latest and greatest 11 in 1 model, currently sells for $250-$350, if you can track one down.

Romina's been using it about 3-4 times per week and has experimented with all sorts of ingredients. And she says that it really does work just like the videos show. She loves turning protein shakes into ice cream and feeling like she's eating the real thing. 

She does say it's big to store, but worth it for the end result. And she points out that it's loud so she's gotta plan ahead for those after bedtime treats.

bhofack2 | Canva

Well, let's take a look.


  • really makes ice cream-like treats from all sorts of ingredients
  • easy to use
  • only takes 2-3 minutes to make once frozen
  • doesn't require you to keep a bowl in the freezer at all times


  • price
  • not small - takes up valuable cabinet space
  • loud - not a naptime activity
  • requires advance planning - 24-hour freeze time for ingredients before use
  • makes small batches - regular size only makes 16 oz at a time, deluxe size makes 24 oz

If you love experimenting with ice cream and frozen treats or have unique nutritional needs and some spare cabinet space (and cash!) this could be the appliance of your dreams. If you've got a small army demanding ice cream on repeat, it's probably not your best choice. At $250, you could buy a half-gallon of ice cream every week for a year. Not saying that's a good idea, but there's the math. 

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