Hilarious Comics & Graphic Novels for the Youngest Readers

Have a kid who loves comic books? Get them hooked on these funny comics and graphic novel series!

By Macaroni KID August 14, 2023

Want to cultivate a passion for reading in your child? Get them started with graphic novels and comics! These types of books are a great way to spark imagination and curiosity in beginning readers and capture a child's attention, all of which go a long way to instilling a genuine love for books and words.

As examples of this genre, we really like these four fun comics and graphic novels for beginning readers from Holiday House, started in 1935 as the first American publishing house with the purpose of publishing only children’s books. Check out our picks to add to your bookshelf:

Let’s Go!
By Michael Emberly

Comics lovers can now share the fun with the young ones in their lives just learning to read! In Let’s Go! a little creature and five friends want to go to the party, but it’s too far. Follow along with their creative solutions—building cars, skis, and boats out of the very paper they’re drawn on! Part of the I Like to Read® Comics series, kindergarteners and first graders can read this easy reader on their own. Join the same lovable characters in I Did It! 

Mossy and Tweed
By Mirka Hokkanen

Cozy Scandinavian illustrations, oodles of “oopsies,” and easy-to-read banter are sure to delight kids who will laugh themselves silly at Mossy and Tweed’s slapstick misadventures. in Crazy for Coconuts, Mossy and Tweed enjoy a perfect day in the Gnome Woods. But then a runaway coconut lands between their homes. What is inside this strange nut? Also part of the I Like to Read® Comics series, this book is perfect for kids who love art. Get familiar with Gnome Woods before Mossy and Tweed return in Double Trouble, coming this fall! 

Owl and Penguin: Best Day Ever
By Vikram Madan

Two feathered friends are Frog and Toad for the emoji generation in this delightful graphic novel series. In three nearly wordless stories in Owl and Penguin, expressive art takes charge of the storytelling, supplemented by simple text captions and emoticon-style images in speech bubbles. Continue with these adorable friends with Best Day Ever as they solve their conflicts with creative play. Also part of the I Like to Read® Comics series, these books are created to transform children into lifelong readers.

Bizard the Bear Wizard
By Chrissie Krebs

An ordinary bear gains extraordinary magical powers in this hilarious early graphic novel. Bear was just an average bear, until a tornado lodged a wizard’s wand in his head. Now he looks like a cross between a bear and a unicorn, and has gained the ability to grant wishes. His friends give him a new name—Bizard the Bear Wizard—as he reluctantly learns to accept his new magical powers. Readers will eagerly await book 2, Bizard and the Big Bunny Bizness, coming out in early 2024.  

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