What's Your Halloween Spirit? Take Our Quiz!

Are you the Candy Corn Captain? The Spirit of Spookiness? Or something in boo-tween?

By Macaroni KID October 5, 2023

Ever wondered if you’re more of a spooky specter or a party planner phantom when it comes to Halloween? As parents, we juggle a gazillion roles, and Halloween is no exception! Whether you're the crafty creator turning the house into a haunted mansion or the lively hostess with the mostest candy, there's a Halloween spirit in each one of us. 

Take this 9-question quiz, then tally up your answers to discover your true Halloween persona. And remember, no matter the result, each one of you is a treat in your own unique way. Happy Halloween!

What kind of Halloween Spirit are you?

What's your go-to Halloween costume?

 a. Classic monster (like Dracula or the Mummy). 

 b. Pop culture character. 

 c. Something DIY or crafted from things at home.

 d. I don’t dress up, I just enjoy the festivities!

2. Your ideal Halloween treat is:

 a. A chocolate bar. 

 b. Gummy candy. 

 c. Homemade treats or baked goods. 

 d. A warm drink, like apple cider.

3. When you think of Halloween, what's the first color that comes to mind?

 a. Blood red. 

 b. Pumpkin orange. 

 c. Midnight black. 

 d. Ghostly white.

4. What's your favorite Halloween activity?

 a. Watching horror movies. 

 b. Trick or treating or handing out candy. 

 c. Crafting or decorating the house. 

 d. Not my thing. I'd rather stay cozy at home.

 Voyager IX | Canva

5. How do you feel about haunted houses?

 a. Love them! The scarier, the better. 

 b. They're fun as long as they're not too scary. 

 c. I prefer to create my own haunted house. 

 d. Not my thing. I'd rather stay cozy at home.

6. What would you carve on a pumpkin?

 a. A scary face. 

 b. A fun or whimsical design. 

 c. An intricate, artistic design. 

 d. I'd rather paint or decorate it without carving.

7. Your ideal Halloween soundscape includes:

 a. Howling wolves and thunderstorms. 

 b. Playful ghostly giggles and candy rustling.

 c. The whisper of the wind and rustling leaves. 

 d. Spooky party music and laughter.

 Strath Roy | Canva

8. What would you be doing on Halloween's eve?

 a. Planning a spooky prank. 

 b. Sorting out candies and preparing goodie bags. 

 c. Giving final touches to my costume or decor. 

 d. Welcoming early guests or prepping party games.

9. What Halloween creature do you resonate with the most?

 a. Vampires. 

 b. Friendly ghosts. 

 c. Witches. 

 d. Talking skeletons.

Now tally your answers for the results:

If you answered mostly A: You're the Spirit of Spookiness! Halloween for you is about the chills, thrills, and classic horror fun. 

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If you answered mostly B: You are the Candy Corn Captain! Playful, fun, and always ready for a treat-filled adventure. 

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If you answered mostly C: You're the Witching Hour Wizard! Creativity and a dash of mystery define your Halloween spirit.

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If you answered mostly D: You are the Phantom Party Planner! Halloween is about gathering, having fun, and creating lasting memories.

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Have a happy Halloween!