5 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

Bring on the memories, not the collections calls

By Susannah Ferguson, managing editor of Hulafrog and publisher of Macaroni KID Columbia, Mo. November 13, 2023

That magical holiday time of year is nearly upon us. And with it, all the special events, food, and traditions we love. One tradition we don't love? Overspending. Some gifts here, some events there, it adds up fast. This year plan ahead to keep your budget on the good list with these five festive tips. 

1. Gift smarter. Not harder.
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2. Budget like a boss

Nobody likes to talk budgets, but mapping out a spending plan before you start shopping will help you 'sleigh' overspending. Start by writing down your big categories — gifts, entertainment, events, travel, or anything else your holiday plans include. Figure out how much you can safely allocate to each category and stick to it. Taking a few minutes now can save you headaches and (interest fees) later.

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3. Get on the good list

There's nothing we love more than seeing happy faces this time of year, and finding the perfect present can bring joy to everyone. But beware of the trap of picking up something here and there for friends and family without a plan in place, or you might be caught with your wallet down. Make a list of everyone you're gifting and feel confident in spreading the love without dipping into the college fund.

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4. Pick a name, get a present
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There's nothing like big holiday get-togethers full of ugly sweaters, gift exchanges, and family drama. Keep the fun and ditch the debt when you draw names or do a Secret Santa exchange instead of individual gifts for all. Bringing just one gift relieves at least a little of the inevitable stress of seeing your relatives. Five Below has a great selection of funny and eccentric white elephant gifts that won't strain your budget.

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5. Make it a December to remember

Another savings secret? Focus on experiences. Making memories with your family, like ice skating, baking traditional family recipes, and gifting cookies to friends and neighbors don't cost much but last a lifetime. Host your annual holiday party, but make it a potluck — it's easier (way cheaper) and a lot more fun when everyone brings a favorite treat. 

With your holiday budget on point, it's time to eat, drink and be merry. Or at least hope the kids will stay off the naughty list for a while.