Bally Sports Offers Flexible Ways to Keep Up With Your Favorite Teams

On-the-go options, packages, extra features & for a limited time, save over 35% off a subscription!

By Aaron Seligman, publisher of Macaroni KID Madison, Wisc. November 22, 2023

I’m a fan of all Wisconsin teams, both college and professional. My nephew, however, is REALLY into sports. When I visited this year, the moment I walked in, he got up from watching a baseball game and immediately started explaining the indoor baseball game he'd made up for us to play together. To share our love of sports, I joined a fantasy football league this year and let him manage the team, allowing us to connect in a way we honestly wouldn’t have otherwise. Together we debrief the week (he’s sending me a message about it as I write this on a Sunday night) and preview the next matchup. 

Similarly, my (retired) father-in-law is a pretty laid-back guy, but ask him about how the Packers, Brewers, or Bucks are doing this year and he’s got plenty of strong opinions to share. 

The author received a Bally Sports trial and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are the author's own.

To keep up with my teams and connect with family members, I recently tried Bally Sports+, knowing that my time is much more limited than others might be.

With Bally Sports, in addition to games, recaps, and highlights, I can also access interactive features and analysis focused on Wisconsin teams, and I can even check on the latest for other teams too. With the Brewers playoff run ending early, right now I’m focused on the Milwaukee Bucks and why they’re off to a slow start — a big off-season trade and barely over .500?

For a limited time, save over 35% off your subscription!

I like that I can access Bally Sports on all devices. Having “cut the cord,” for cable, I was able to subscribe directly (you can also log in with your TV provider) and see the action on my phone, laptop, or TV — without ads. Being able to pause, catch up, or go back in a game are also helpful features for busy parents.

My daughter and father-in-law having a "picnic" game watch

I also appreciate that the commentary and both pre- and post-game shows are insightful, and unlike some other networks, not all about the personalities of the hosts or other gimmicks. It was entertaining, but also educational, helping me talk with my family about strategy, player performances, and other game details. My daughters are younger, so I spend time with them explaining the highlights and big moments.

My daughters liked trying to pronounce Antetokounmpo and catching the game highlights.

Another big advantage of Bally Sports compared to other streaming services is the ability to pause your subscription when your team isn't in season, or you just want a break. But with nearly 4,000 sporting events broadcast each year, there is non-stop sports action all year round.

Overall, Bally Sports is an easy way to keep up with local teams for any sports-loving family!

If you're ready to watch your favorite teams all in one place, when and where it's convenient for your and your family, check out the packages Bally Sports has to offer, and for a limited time, save over 35% off your subscription!