Five Foolproof Tips for Actually Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

Make 2024 the year you actually follow through

By Susannah Ferguson January 5, 2024

Ah, the New Year — a time when resolutions for better health sparkle with the promise of a fresh start. But, for busy moms, juggling family responsibilities can make sticking to those fitness goals feel like trying to tame a herd of caffeinated squirrels. 

Lay the lassos aside, thanks to these five tips to ensure your New Year's resolutions don't vanish faster than a chocolate bar in a room full of toddlers.

1. Your fitness headquarters
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Not every resolution has the word fitness hidden inside, but let's face it: Most of us know we should be doing better in the health department. And since we're moms, finding time to hit the gym or splurge on expensive equipment is *checks notes* basically impossible. It's time to say hello to Five Below and their huge selection of products to keep your health (and financial) goals on track. Some of our fave fitness finds:

  • Four, five, and eight-pound dumbbells and kettlebells, so you'll be prepped for those long walks to the park when the kids' legs give out
  • Ropeless jump rope, because channeling your inner 8-year-old just makes fitness more fun
  • Fitness balls are the most fun you can have while claiming to be exercising (also doubles as endless kid entertainment)
  • Yoga mats are great for downward dog ... or naptime, just saying
  • Portable massage gun or massage pillow, because whether it's exercise or just daily life, our bodies deserve pampering

And that's just a start. Five Below is ready to help you make healthy choices in 2024 with a huge selection of low-priced fitness items that'll keep you on the road to your best year yet.

Save yourself time: 
Take advantage of Five Below's buy online, pick up in-store option. It's free!

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2. Just dance

Who says exercise has to be a chore? Transform your living room into a dance floor and boogie down with the kids. Turn chores into a dance party extravaganza and raise the roof while dusting that ceiling fan or putting the laundry away. It's a workout so fun you'll forget you're even breaking a sweat.

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3. The 5-minute rule

Let's face it, five minutes may be all you can muster for now, what with bathtimes, playdates, dinner prep, and everything else. You can still make progress by dedicating just five minutes a day to your goal. Whether it's soccer with the kids or push-ups during Netflix, every minute counts.

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4. Multitasking mastery

Channel your inner superhero and become a multitasking master. Combine your fitness goals with daily tasks. Squats while stirring spaghetti sauce? Absolutely. Jumping jacks while the kids are brushing their teeth? You'll be ready for a triathlon in no time.

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5. Squad goals

You don't have to conquer the world alone. Rally the troops — aka family, friends, and maybe even the neighbor's dog — if it helps. Share your resolutions, and let your support squad cheer you on. From organizing playdates to enlisting a workout buddy, the more, the merrier on this resolution rollercoaster.

Remember, it's not about massive changes but small steps towards being healthier every day for your family and yourself. Here's to a year of wellness and winning at mom life.