That Day Jason Kelce Upstaged Taylor Swift

A few of our favorite takes on the shirtless shenanigans of our favorite NFL center

By Macaroni KID January 23, 2024

Kansas City might have won a memorable game, and Taylor was in attendance cheering on her boyfriend... but somehow Jason Kelce upstaged them all. It was Jason and his shirtless shenanigans that we were all talking about the next day. Can you imagine him giving a toast at their wedding?

Here are just a few of our favorite takes from the already iconic image.

Imagining the pre-game convo between hubby and wife... 

The moment inspired a lot of memes ... even we had to get in on the act!

This video actually gave us all the feels... he gave that little girl a memory of a lifetime. 🥰 #hearthands

I'm sorry Usher. But Rex is right. The Jason/Taylor mashup would be ... something.😂

Jason gave a big ol' thumbs up to Buffalo after the game and included a screenshot from his mother-in-law of his young daughter's hilarious reaction to her dad's celebrations. 

We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see what next week's game brings!