What Type of Pet Should Your Family Get? Take Our Quiz!

Determine what pet is best for your home ... plus a little surprise from our friends at Chewy!

By Macaroni KID February 1, 2024

Ready for a little furry fun in your family life? We know you're the expert when it comes to your kiddos, but what about adding a new, non-human member to the mix? Whether you're an adventure-loving clan, a cozy bunch of bookworms, or a busy bee family, this quiz will help you discover the perfect pet to match your family's style. So gather the kids around and let's find out if you're a dog family, a cat family ... or neither!

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A. Discovering the great outdoors with your kids and soaking up some sun. 

 B. Enjoying a quiet morning with just your coffee and a comfy spot.

 C. Admire nature's beauty through the window, as little effort as possible. 

 A. Part of the adventure! You're ready for anything. You have kids after all.

 B. Something to handle calmly – a quick tidy-up and it's back to business. 

 C. Best when it's almost non-existent. You've got enough to clean.

 A. Exploring everything, constantly on the move and seeking new experiences. 

 B. Enjoying the experience at their own pace, perhaps with a favorite toy or book.

 C. Observing their surroundings, content to take in the sights and sounds.

 A. Run around with boundless energy, loving active games and outdoor fun. 

 B. Prefer creative play like drawing, puzzles, or building with blocks. 

 C. Enjoy quiet activities, like watching cartoons or looking at picture books.

 A. Super hands-on and always eager to help, no matter the task.

 B. Happy to help, as long as it's not too complicated or time-consuming. 

 C. Prefer to observe and learn rather than get directly involved. 

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