Let Creativity Bloom with Garden Republic Junior Garden Kits

An enriching experience that combines arts, crafts, education, and nature

By Kelly Eakin, publisher of Macaroni KID Mt Airy-Damascus-Urbana, Md. March 8, 2024

As a parent searching for activities that entertain, educate, and connect my children with nature, I was excited to find Garden Republic's Junior Kits at Target. In a market inundated with children's craft kits that just end up in the trash a few days later, Garden Republic's Junior Kits stand out as a breath of fresh air, seamlessly combining two of our favorite activities, arts and crafts with gardening.

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Garden Republic's Junior Kits have vibrant packaging that immediately caught my eye in the gardening aisle at Target, setting the tone for a colorful and engaging experience.

We selected the Paint & Plant Flower Garden, which included everything needed to decorate and plant our Flower Garden. With the flower seeds, a wooden planter box, soil pellets, high-quality paint, paint brushes, and a detailed guide, the kit ensured a hassle-free creative journey.

My kids were so excited to transform the plain planter box into their own personalized, vibrant canvas for their future garden. The paint provided in the kit is of excellent quality, allowing for easy application and vibrant, long-lasting colors. The planter box was large enough that two or three of us could work at the same time. 

As a parent, one common challenge I face is maintaining my children's interest in craft activities that align with nature, but the Paint & Plant Flower Garden concept is genius! Garden Republic Junior Kits brilliantly address this issue with a one-of-a-kind Jr. Grower’s Guidebook filled with growing progress checks, super-fun kids' games, and science learning activities! This ten-week activity book keeps the fun growing long after the painting and planting is over. 

Garden Republic Paint & Plant Flower Garden is a true gem for parents seeking a well-rounded, nature-engaged craft experience for their children. From the meticulously curated content to the educational and creative benefits, this kit exceeded my expectations. It not only entertained my crew, but also fostered a love for gardening, instilling valuable lessons about responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Garden Republic has successfully crafted an enriching experience that combines arts, crafts, education, and nature, making it a must-have for any parent looking to inspire their child's creativity while nurturing a deeper connection with the world around them.

Ready to get your own Garden Republic Junior Paint & Plant Flower Garden Kit? Head over to Target and pick one up in the gardening aisle.