9 Ways Walking is Good for your Love Life

A walk with your partner might be just the ticket to romance

By Mary Shoemaker, 99 Walks January 27, 2020

Walking has countless benefits for your love life, and yes, that even includes better sex. 

Here are 9 reasons you should take a walk with your partner today:

  1. Walking strengthens communication. Walking side-by-side without distraction enhances your connection, while the increased oxygen and blood flow helps you communicate more clearly. 
  1. Walking helps resolve conflicts. Research shows that couples walking together naturally synchronize their movements, allowing them to feel more connected and motivated to find resolution, and setting the stage for improved cooperation. 
  1. Walking keeps you in sync. A recent study found that when men walk with women they love, they subconsciously alter their pace to meet their partners. Interestingly, men don’t slow their pace when walking with male or female friends.
  1. Walking helps reduce stress. Just one twenty-minute walk in nature reduces the amount of stress hormones in your bloodstream, according to a University of Michigan study. And since your stress level directly affects the quality of your relationship, more walking means more room for love.

And walking helps in the bedroom, too:

  1. Walking can help you build endurance. When you’re walking at a brisk pace, you’re engaged in cardio exercise that can help build your stamina for other …. activities.
  1. Walking can put you in the mood. A University of Texas study found that women who walked for 20 minutes had higher levels of sexual arousal afterwards compared to those who did not, which was attributed to a change in hormone and neurotransmitter levels.
  1. Walking has sexual benefits for men, too. A Harvard study discovered that 30 minutes of walking a day was linked to a 41 percent drop in the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  1. Walking improves body image. If you’re looking forward to a romantic evening but feeling self-conscious about your body, take a walk first. You should never feel bad about your body, but self-doubt is normal and research shows that people who walk in nature have a significantly more positive body image.
  1. Walking helps you sleep. Finally, when you’re ready to snuggle up to your partner, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep, you’ll sleep more soundly if you’ve taken a walk. Research shows that adults who walk regularly get significantly better sleep than those who do not.

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