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By Swimply July 9, 2021

Ah, summer in SoCal—what a great time of year! With the sun shining, the kids home and the drinks cold, there’s no better place to pass the time than poolside. 

Just picture yourself unwinding at a luxurious picture-perfect pool. Your kids are playing volleyball, your SO is working the grill and you’re lounging next to a serene waterfall with a margarita in hand (not to be confused with a margherita pizza, which also pairs great with pools). 

Sounds divine… and expensive.

We’re not trying to rain on your sunny escape, but it’s true—pools are expensive to install and maintain, especially luxury pools with exciting features. Public pools? Always overcrowded and lacking the certain je ne sais quois of your margarita paradise.

But don’t put up the pool noodles just yet! Meet Swimply, your affordable solution for a luxurious summer. With Swimply, you and your family can book magnificent private pools for as low as $45! It’s what The New Yorker called "The Airbnb for pools".

A New View Every Day
With new luxury listings being screened and posted every day, Swimply users experience a growing list of options to fit their perfect summer plans. 

How Does Swimply Work? It’s Swimple.

Step 1: Find your Pool: Request a pool (or two), get approved and confirm your rental.

Step 2: Chat with Host: Communicate easily and privately with our messenger app.

Step 3: Dive Right In: Once confirmed, you’ll get access to your pool paradise.