Shaking Up Some Free Fun: Your MacKID Event Picks This Week

All your family fun Jan 24 -30

By Macaroni KID January 23, 2024

Winter blues? Not in your house thanks to this lineup of educational events hitting the interwebs this week. From earthquakes to meditation, there's something for everyone in this edition of MacKID picks. Turn that frown upside down and cozy up for family fun. Get the scoop on the can't-miss events happening January 24-30:

1. Discover Your Superpowers

Anyone can be a superhero at this special Crayola Creativity Week event. We're fans of author Mia Armstrong, the 13-year old who writes books and acts and does it all with her superpower, aka Down Syndrome. Listen to her read aloud, then create superhero-inspired art and take on the world. Jan. 25

2. Discover What Makes Us Human

Calling all scientists (so basically every kid). Take a deep dive into the world of biology and learn all about cells and what separates our own from those of other creatures. Join the interactive experiment for extra credit. Anytime educational activities involve marshmallows, we're taking a front-row seat. Jan. 26

3. Relax! A Guided Meditation for Kids

Cabin fever's hitting hard this time of year. If your kids are bouncing off the walls, take a break and achieve some inner peace by joining this virtual meditation session. It's amazing what some music, games, and deep breathing can do. Actually, maybe we'll join too. Jan. 27

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4. Experiment with Earthquake Engineering

If your kids are tired of their LEGO masterpieces crashing, tune in to this workshop all about earthquake engineering. Learn how geologists and architects design structures that stay upright during the rumbling and tumbling. Think of it as a jumpstart on a successful career. Jan. 29

5. Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Keep the New Year festivities going by learning all about the Lunar New Year holiday celebrated in many Asian countries. Food, fun, traditions? The Year of the Dragon is looking pretty good from here. Jan. 30